New Beginnings

At the beginning of the pandemic I was worried about what would become of my dance studio. I was seeing many other dance schools and businesses move to virtual classes and hearing every day that businesses had to adapt to the “new normal” or they would not survive. Already at my wits end with how devices and screen-time have become so pervasive in everything we do, the last thing I wanted was to produce an online product that didn’t capture the magical feeling of being in the studio. Instead, I reflected on what makes our studio classes so special and how best to translate the in-person experience into an online class that gives children that same feeling of connection, joy and deep learning that happens in the studio.

After a lot of thought I came to the realization that dancing online will never be the same as dancing together in the studio, but the idea of not providing children with the opportunity to express themselves in physical and creative ways is not an option. My solution? To create online resources for parents and teachers that include pre-recorded classes wherein I invite participants to dance together with me and a featured family. The family, which includes a mother and her three children, provide beautiful examples of how various ages might interpret the material when dancing at home. This creates a feeling of community and connection.

Classes are structured around specific movement concepts that participants explore through a variety of exercises. These concepts can help to develop skills that extend well beyond dance class.

I feel proud to offer this online solution for teachers and I hope teachers will feel proud to offer this high quality dance instruction to their students.